Making Plans: Resolutions vs Refocus!

Happy New Year! I was talking to a friend about resolutions and we struck an interesting insight. What are resolutions and why make them? Really, we were expressing our disdain at how change is sometimes pursued without evaluation or recognition of what was done before or the grounds that have been gained in trying. At … Continue reading Making Plans: Resolutions vs Refocus!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy Wednesday! Stopping by to say hello to all the beautiful women out there. Today is your day to be recognized worldwide! It's not only today your contributions ย and struggles in society should be acknowledged,but everyday! We don't celebrate and say it enough. Just wanted you to know that you are beautiful and wonderful and … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day!

OH MY: This T shirt….

The right fabric can make or break the project... ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Taking time out to highlight my T shirt draft for my Husband. ย He loves a good T shirt. Especially when it doesn't look like everybody else's. We worked on this one together :), he provided ideas of how he wanted it and then I got … Continue reading OH MY: This T shirt….