Hi everyone, I am Utamika.

Welcome to my handmade fashion and entrepreneurship blog. I have been sewing creatively for the past 10 years. Sewing was something I always wanted to try. When the time was right to take a course, I did just that. I loved it and suddenly had the desire to learn more. I felt like once IΒ envisioned it, I could make it and I later learned that sewing is an art. Patience was needed, trials and errors were inevitable and time would allow me to develop my skills.

In 2015, I started my entrepreneurial journey of turning my passion into a business. My business is focused on apparel and accessories and is centered around my idea to create a wardrobe that I absolutely love. I believe that women out there are looking for such a wardrobe. My pieces promote adding to create and re-create looks with classic silhouettes, colour and print. AmshinaApparel is focused on individuals rediscovering the fit, function, fashion and fun in their wardrobe with ease. It is also an expression of people in colour.

So here at Uta Sews I get to share with you the journey of my handmade fashion and entrepreneurship.

Contact info: Β amshinaapparel@gmail.com

Be inspired.

“Create the wardrobe you love”


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