Finding Focus for Intentionality!

Happy New Year!!

I hope you had a great holiday break and that your year is off to a great start! 2020 was packed with many lessons I am sure you have had the pleasure of reflecting on and mapping out your “move it forward” attitude for 2021.

I am definitely taking the time I need to get focused in 2021. Most of January for me is dedicated to that. πŸ™‚

Listen, if you don’t take the time to silence the noise and distractions that comes with the start of a new year, you are in trouble as a business owner. Trouble in the sense of finding the focus and direction you want for your business sooner than later. This is key especially when you are doing it mostly solo! No staff, no team. Yikes! These are my thoughts based on my experiences these past 5 years. Ask me why I say this? Well, how can you take next steps if you have not evaluated whether the steps you took before were helpful in you reaching your goals. Get it? That way, your next steps are more deliberate and you don’t make the same mistakes again. It doesn’t mean we won’t have other challenges, it just gives us the opportunity to try something new! I heard a saying once “sometimes you got to back up in order to move forward” – Happy Feet 2

Reflecting, evaluating and reviewing your goals from the previous year whether it be personal or business does require a particular environment. You need the time and mental space that allows you to look at your goals and plans for your business or life well in advance before you are bombarded by everybody else’s ideas of what you didn’t do right, what your wins were, what they think you should do and all that jazz.

Finding focus has to be intentional. I know it is even harder because of the climate of uncertainty that Covid has created of what life and work once were. I say still make plans. Plan for what you would like to see and then retrace those steps within the context of what life looks like now and see what you can do in the meantime and between time. The vision may need you to pivot.

So here’s to the successes and wins of 2021!

Stick around – it’s going to be another year of handmade makes and entrepreneurship! I can’t wait to share some of those things I am working on and envisioning in my business with you.

As I am in planning mode I invite you to share any ideas and suggestions you have of topics/tips you would like me to cover this year on the blog with regards to wardrobe, fashion, styling, colourful clothing etc. Please feel free to share below.

Thanks again for stopping by!



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