OH MY: This T shirt….

The right fabric can make or break the project... 😦 Taking time out to highlight my T shirt draft for my Husband. Β He loves a good T shirt. Especially when it doesn't look like everybody else's. We worked on this one together :), he provided ideas of how he wanted it and then I got … Continue reading OH MY: This T shirt….

Happy New year and The Holiday wrap up sewing!

Happy New Year Everybody!! Wishing you all an awesome year ahead, may you live your best year yet! So I made it! I definitely got through the list of things to sew for the holidays and I am truly proud of myself. 2015 is off to a good start. My machine probably thanked me on … Continue reading Happy New year and The Holiday wrap up sewing!

Winter/Fall Sewing Part 3- For Him!

Menswear???????? this was a challenge I gladly accepted without a fight and I absolutely loved it and he loves it too. We worked on this from scratch together, which involved: 1. Going to the fabric store Β and choosing the fabric 2. Drafting the sweater pattern with a T-shirt 3.Three different fittings before final product By … Continue reading Winter/Fall Sewing Part 3- For Him!