What to Wear? It’s Time to Network!

As a Fashion Entrepreneur, going to a networking event for your business means you need to represent in what you wear. That’s a given. Be and look the part, right?

The Final Outfit line up! Pants & Top by Amshina

So you can imagine the panic I was in when my pal sent me an opportunity to attend a business event in Toronto to learn about some new business tools available for small businesses like mine.

I was semi freaking out. Not because I didn’t have anything to wear, but because I wanted to wear a full outfit. Yes… I am extra like that! πŸ™‚

By a full outfit, I meant that I wanted to wear a pants/skirt and top sewn by yours truly. πŸ™‚

So you know what came next… Time to get to the machine and make that look!

When did my friend message me you ask? Tuesday. And the event was Thursday. At that point, I was boxing my brain to decide on the look I wanted and what I could make up quickly in the midst of prepping for my upcoming pop-up as well (See details at the end on this).

The Top

This top was already in the works, so I decided I would take this one for myself :). It’s a sampler for my Fall/Winter staple top. You like?

Knit Top by Amshina

I used an existing pattern and modified it to make this style suitable for knits with the cuff sleeve. The fabric was limited, so the sleeves ended up being shorter than the pattern I had made (which was perfect :)). You know when those mistakes just work out? I added the ties to the neckline as a cute accent and as a way to keep the neck from gaping involuntary.

The Pants

The Pant Pattern

It’s all about view D. When I saw this pattern a few months ago, I knew it was a must-have. I have been obsessing about bell-bottoms since the beginning of summer. I was hoping to have my first pair in time for the Bryan Adams concert back in July but that didn’t happen (Yes, I like Bryan Adams). I absolutely loved how they turned out. This was my second time using this pattern and I think I was able to rectify some of the challenges I had the first time. I did make a tester back in June that didn’t see the light of day. They are completed but they are sort of pink (haha)! I haven’t found the right occasion to test them out yet. Perhaps next Spring? πŸ™‚

The Pants: Details Up Close

The material for these pants is still a mystery to me. Up close it looks like denim but in fact I think it’s a type of heavy weight upholstery fabric. The goal for this project at such short notice was definitely to use what was in my stash. So I grabbed this since I had a lot of it to get this style from.

Before the hemming

This was gifted to me some time ago from a friend. So I still have no idea what it is. I am sure it is a polyester of some sort since the fabric didn’t crease as much and it was not itchy/wool-like.

This was me after the event! πŸ™‚

I have never sewed with denim before but this fabric I think comes close to the heaviest of fabrics I had ever sewn with. My machine let me know that as soon as it started zinging like an engine. I adjusted to the right needle and it was a smooth road thereafter.

I added one little detail to the pants as you can see – Belt loops! I love a good belt. So I added these four belt loops just above the dart areas on the pattern. I was excited to try it and it worked perfectly. πŸ™‚

Added Belt Loops

All in all, I was pleased with my final look. I felt fabulous in my pants as I traversed downtown Toronto to head to my event. I couldn’t get a photo at the place apart from my bathroom selfie below… lol.

It was a great event and I got some amazing information on resources that are available for my small business in the city. How fabulous was that?!!

Well worth the outfit I made and the early morning trek that was required to get there on time! πŸ™‚

Thanks again for stopping by. I am currently in prep mode for my upcoming Etsy Made in Canada market this weekend September 28th. Wish me well. I will be back to tell you all about that in a few weeks. But if you are in Toronto this Saturday, please feel free to stop by the MaRS Discovery Building at 101 College St. between 10am-6pm! Over 100 Made in Canada businesses will be there with tons of handmade goodies.

And yours truly will be wearing these pants! πŸ™‚

Here’s to the rest of the week. Blessings


6 thoughts on “What to Wear? It’s Time to Network!

  1. Amazing! I love the edits you made to both patterns. The results are fantastic. Plus this was a perfect example of grace under pressure and the willingness to continually sharpen your skills. Bravo!

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