The Infinity Sleeve Dress!

Hi Guys,

Happy July!

I’ve been away for the past weeks in June travelling and Summer has begun! All I can think of now are the pieces that make dressing for summer events effortless.

I give you the Infinity Sleeve Strapless Style Dress by Amshina! An easy-to-wear strapless dress that offers you an exciting twist to an off shoulder sleeve.

Dress: Amshina  Photography Credits: @shaquilleirish

This dress has not been given the attention it needed since I made the first one. This post is all about its versatility and how it can serve your wardrobe needs. This dress is effortless, chic, stylish and as if that isn’t enough, it can be worn in a number of ways and it carries not one but two pockets! Let the photos speak!

Dress: Amshina  Photography Credits: @shaquilleirish

The style is a strapless silhouette  with elastic that carries two ties that act as sleeves and has two pockets. The ties that are worn on the arm can be done up in multiple styles as seen in the photos. Hence the term “Infinity Sleeves”. This is what takes the dress from just an ordinary piece to something extraordinary in your wardrobe. Feel free to get creative in this one as you see fit.

Dress: Amshina  Photography Credits: @shaquilleirish

Can you picture the wonder you can do with this piece? It’s so much fun. My model is definitely loving this one to the fullest. 🙂 Work it girl!

Dress: Amshina  Photography Credits: @shaquilleirish

Depending on the print combination you choose, this dress can be dressed up or down and worn to a day or evening event. It’s versatility makes it a staple for vacations as well. This one in particular I opted for a colour block style to make it a bit more playful. The straps can be made with the same material as the dress. 🙂

Dress: Amshina  Photography Credits: @shaquilleirish
Dress: Amshina  Photography Credits: @shaquilleirish

As if your summer wardrobe couldn’t get any more interesting. This colour along with an Australian cotton tribal print is currently available in my SHOP


Dress: Amshina  Photography Credits: @shaquilleirish
DSC02139 copy
Dress: Amshina  Photography Credits: @shaquilleirish

Now how about that guys!

The colour? The styling? I hope you enjoyed this one. I will definitely be making more variations this summer. This one unfortunately is the only one in this style and colour.

I hope your summer is off to a great start. I am playing catch up here in preparation for my next Pop Up Shop in Kensington Market at the end of the month. Thanks again for stopping by.

Have an amazing new month!



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