Happy Black History & A Happy New Year!

Happy Black History Month and a hopefully not too late New Year!

Fibremood Hack Dress by Amshina

I know, I know, how did we get here?

Well I wish I could say or tell you the exact sequence of events that’s led to now but I would be lying to even try. Nonetheless, we are here and this new year is off to a busy busy start and I find myself in the midst of everything feeling grateful. Still figuring it out but grateful.

One of my last makes of 2022 – Wrap dress by Fibremood

It’s February and I am now taking to the sewing machine. Can you believe it? Creatively, it’s been a slow start but I am gradually getting myself together this month with creating as well as setting up my new space. Yes, I have a new space and I need to get organized sooner than later to get things going. A fully functional space has never stopped me before from creating, so I anticipate a slow but intentional start with my creative ideas for Amshina this year.

New space set up in progress

2022 was not the year I anticipated for my handmade business but I continued to create. My creativity was kept alive by my various pattern and fabric collaborations that were a source of continued inspiration for me in-spite of the slow business. 2022 still had some epic wardrobe memories that made it what it was and just the simple reflection of these are inspirations for the year ahead. I hope you enjoy some of these.

Fibremood Bay skirt pattern made with Vegan Leather
Fibremood pattern paired with a Minerva Batik
Some dessert fun with this Muumuu made with Minerva fabric
Summer Breeze Top
Self drafted Top with Minerva fabric

Perhaps 2022 was a year of planting seeds that will bloom in the years to come. I guess there is only one way to find out and that is to show up in 2023 with that same hopeful creative energy. Focused on watering those planted seeds.

Minerva Batik with a self-drafted pattern by me.
My Infinity Jumper made with Minerva Viscose
A two-piece self-drafted piece by Amshina with Minerva fabric
Amshina’s classic maxi is still alive!
Trying something new with this self drafted pattern. Still a work in progress
Summer’s wildcard. A hacked Amshina maxi pattern with this Minerva mesh
Palm Springs sun with this Norma pattern blouse

It’s time to do the work and I can’t wait to share with you some of the new pieces that I have been dreaming about.

Fibremood top pattern with a self-drafted pants
Minerva fabric with the McCalls jumpsuit
Fibremood pants with thrifted fabric
Amshina’s Handmade Rack

The handmade journey continues and I thank you for being here and sharing this journey with me.



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