Editing! Pros and Cons as a Newbie!

Editing a word document,spreadsheet, presentation, speech or recipe may be easy, it is not quite the same when sewing. That’s just my opinion. Some fabrics are not as forgiving if you know what ย I mean. While Cottons may be an easy take down, Stretch Knit fabrics, Sateen Cotton and the likes are not as forgiving, there is great potential for damage and monies to be wasted.


Inset( A dress I recently completed, here I was taking the neck down to redo using facing) I will post the details soon enough as I can get it styled. ๐Ÿ™‚


How do I feel about editing a sewn garment?

Absolutely hate it. I know I know, hate is a strong word. But that’s how I feel when I think about it. Bare with me I do get positive a bit lower in this post. ๐Ÿ™‚

What happens when I do have to edit?

I delay the process. I avoid the sewing machine and I start new projects.Yes, I literally start cutting and esperimenting with other fabrics. That is not the answer to solve the problem now is it? Nope

When I decide I will edit?

Things just flow. Believe it or not, it’s as simple as making a decision to do something that gets the ball going and suddenly you are making it work.

Why edit?

If you want to create and produce something that reflects good work, editing is required. It is actually not that bad. And as a beginner I can get away with doing it because I am learning to perfect the art of garment sewing. So it is okay to edit sewn garments. ( Its all about your attitude towards finishing the garment and doing so professionally.How you approach doing that can make or break your project)

My edit Wand

My Seam ripper is the best( Shown in photo above). This tool truly helps me endure the act of undoing a garment. It makes the task less painful. Even though my hand hurts after taking down long hems.arrrgh..

Advice when starting a new project

Take your time. Seriously. The less rush rush the more you will avoid major edits or damage to your fabrics.

So in other words there are pros and cons to editing, yes it requires time but the finished product is even better because you took your time to make it beautiful.


That’s all for now. Just keep sewing just keep sewing, what do we do we sew sew sewwwwww!


2 thoughts on “Editing! Pros and Cons as a Newbie!

  1. I love this post! I struggle with editing as a knitter. It too can be painful (emotionally) and frustrating beyond belief. I swear there are times when I say I don’t care, “every spoil is a style” but I know better. While there are instances in life where a mistake can be the best thing creatively, it isn’t always the case. I definitely have had a few moments with my knitting….when those moments occur I need space. I can’t see it, don’t want to look, touch, feel or think about it. The redoing process for me can’t be rushed……I have to fall in like with the project, have a clearer vision before I can fix it

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