Auction Auction- The Highest bidder received……

The highest bidder received a custom made maxi from ME!!!

In support of my Church’s Charity breakfast for missions overseas I made the maxi below. Thought I would share here with you all. I styled it and took some pics. I thought if I wanted people to bid on this skirt I really needed to step up and make it look appealing so with a little ask I was able to borrow a friend’s mannequin for a mini shoot. A lump of cloth on a table just wouldn’t do it as presentation for this skirt, So here goes.

PS: Definitely getting comfortable with the stretch knits. This was a stretch knit. More stretch with this one. Loved the design as well.

The Fabric Design Upclose


My usual pin on hanger to showcase.( working on getting a mannequin of my own, I think It will be great for pics…..don’t you?)


The completed Skirt( Before Styling)





A Closer look



NB: The waist band can be turn down or be worn high waisted. I made the skirt long so that it could have been adjusted to the buyer’s desired length.


The skirt


My collage used to market the skirt at the auction. It worked. the buyer was definitely happy and I am excited to have participated.”A proud Novice moment”




Hope you all enjoyed,

I’ve got more, just keep sewing, just keep sewing, what do i do I sew sew sewwwwwwwwwwww…….

Much love UtaC


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