DRESS on a budget- Can $2.50 really get you an outfit?

DRESS on a budget- Can $2.50 really get you an outfit!

It’s the simply creations like this one here that makes me go giddy about sewing. There is a story behind every picture. And this one is no different. ( 2 years ago I made this on a creative sewing day…)

Here goes: ( Pardon the photo quality)

I was walking by the Fabric store, minding my own business when I saw the fabric sale sign.*oops* Okay okay, I decided to stop in since I was in such close proximity right…. hahah… Long story short I bought this piece of fabric because at a glance I pictured this style in my head. ( I really did…) At only 1 buck a meter I believe I bought 1.5 meter. Then I noticed the belts for a buck and grabbed one too. I figure I should go all the way!

Worked on this dress all night. Literally all night. By 3 am the next day, this was the finished product. Love it. By the way it also carries two side pockets!! ( These were a success, my second time sewing pockets) NO PATTERN USED! ( I made it up as I go…following the visual in my head…yes i totally said that ๐Ÿ™‚

Haven’t worn it yet. But I did get a friendly model to try it on for size! ๐Ÿ™‚

kazia 2

I may try to make a similar one again after I finally wear this…. we shall see

Details: No idea what the material was. It has some stretch ( since I don’t have a zipper)

The sewing adventures continues…


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