Maxi Supreme- Such a wardrobe staple!

In my opinion the maxi is by definition a wardrobe staple.

Here is my first attempt at this. This project had it’s difficulty.

If  I thought I liked sewing, this was the challenge that made me questioned that. While at the machine with this piece I was ready to quit. It was my first time sewing with jersey knit fabric. Such a hassle. I think this was when I realized I needed to learn more. hahah.  For some reason I though I could sew one way with any fabric and any thread. Don’t get me started on the thread woes!

9 hours later…could have been longer. lol. I ended up with this. Thank God for my friend that gave me this challenge. I appreciated the hardship and the fact she loved it in the end!



I thought I was all set, then I got to the pull string waist. buttonhole drama! I improvised ( Because I am talented like



All in all she loved it. Here it is styled below


aaah Jersey knit…….will I revisit you again…. Maybe …..we see!!:)



4 thoughts on “Maxi Supreme- Such a wardrobe staple!

  1. Hey, anytime you sew with a knit you have to use a stitch with give (zigzag). Also get yourself a double needle or start saving for a serger ( whicj is the best thing going lol). Good job. You problem solved well!

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