What is the No. 1 Wardrobe Challenge?

Now that I have your attention :), there is not one single challenge. Won’t you agree? There are many challenges but they vary.


My recent travels brought this question to mind yet again. My approach to any wardrobe advice is to let the needs and challenges of that individual be the guiding light. That makes sense right? I mean we all cannot be lumped under one solution.

So what? The fact of the matter is we are being challenged by our wardrobe daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally etc.

I will go ahead and just say that I believe that we can, over time, create the wardrobe we love and stick to it. Am I there yet? No. There, I said it. But we can achieve this.

The next question is how.

Manhattan Beach Pier, Los Angeles

I have read countless magazine articles and blogs on creating the ideal wardrobe, being a minimalist, buying specific pieces, adding colour, adding print, only having one colour palette… and the list goes on. These were very helpful in their own way but just like doing research to answer a particular question after sifting through tons of data and articles, you must come to some conclusions that are specific to your question. In this case the question is a wardrobe that YOU love.


Only you know the style you prefer, the pieces that work and the pieces that don’t. In the quest of knowing what works, we in the least know what’s not working. For example, one of the pieces that appears on most wardrobe lists must-haves is the white button down shirt. This item is not on my must-have’s so I won’t be crazed about it. I have added it in the past based on recommendations, but it just never worked how it was suppose to for me. You get what I mean?

The trial, error and testing will come as you rediscover your wardrobe and your style. This is very personal and much patience is required because after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient with your journey to self-style discovery and time will reveal.

Perhaps with my prompting you can now identify some of those challenges you have had and what steps you are taking to discover what works for you.😊 At least I hope this post helps you start unpacking what you have been challenged with and inspires you to seek out what works for you.

Top and Pants by Amshina 🙂 

Thanks for stopping by again. I hope your April has been amazing so far. If not, keep pressing on.🙌🏿I am cheering for you!

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Thank you so much!



2 thoughts on “What is the No. 1 Wardrobe Challenge?

  1. Great reminder to find what works best for you. I too have tried unsuccessfully to meet the wardrobe ‘must-haves’ rules – a lot of it was not for me. Btw, I love your outfit; great pop of colour!

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