My Crafty Venture!

So a quick update. On May 20th 2015 I decided to go ahead and launch my etsy shop. Is it a business...I guess in a small sense for now! You think.... I basically see it as a way to answer those questions and needs of friends and family that are interested in purchasing some of … Continue reading My Crafty Venture!

U-Feature: Infinity Scarf

U-Feature:Β A pictorial presentation of my favorite pieces sewn. This first feature captures the sweater infinity Scarf. Definitely the only one I have made to date. It was a reconstruction project made using an XXXL mens sweater that produced this beautiful functional piece. Love it, I am yet to find a similar sweater to repeat this … Continue reading U-Feature: Infinity Scarf

Expanding my sewing family.Does she inspire you?

My purchase to myself this Christmas, a Dress Form. Yay! So much to choose from, so expensive too. My local fabric store had a 50% sale off the forms.. .Perfect timing and within my price range. Thanks to the support from family and friends who ordered scarves from me over the past two months. Your … Continue reading Expanding my sewing family.Does she inspire you?

Scarf up, it’s September!

Because it's September and this part of the hemisphere the weather changes our wardrobe automatically does too. Whether we want to believe Summer has gone by, we have to. Fall is definitely here and Winter just around the corner. I won't spoil your September with talks of Winter. πŸ™‚ On a sewing note, I couldn't … Continue reading Scarf up, it’s September!