Is Functional Clothing Sacrificing Fashion?

Hey you,

Spring is officially here. The trees are budding and the pollen is everywhere.

I used to think that functional clothing was only reserved for those adults who have lived their best wardrobe dreams at some point in their lives and then decided it’s time to let themselves go and wear all comfy non-stylish clothes and own multiple pieces of the same thing. I know, ridiculous thoughts right? In all fairness, it’s what I saw around me and heard. I know that sounds like a nightmare – please don’t feel bad if you own multiple pieces of any clothing item in different colours…lol no judgement here πŸ™‚

The wardrobe you love should be one that you chose. So represent, all day everyday.

What I am speaking to are those myths we have when it comes to having a functional wardrobe that is sometimes depicted as not fashionable. Is this really the case?

Functionality is not about sacrificing style. You can get that stylish look that still offers you the function and versatility that you need. It’s about developing your own style and teasing out what that really entails. I am talking about the silhouettes you love, the prints and colours that speak to you. For many of us, our wardrobes are decided on based on the kind of lives we have. Are you someone who is always on the go? Are you in the arts? Are you the suit type? Etc., etc.

Many factors influence this, but starting at what you love and prefer is the best place to begin your wardrobe discovery.

Many of my pieces reflect this in design but as well in the versatility to maximize your wears and the multiple looks that you can get from just a two-piece combo. The capabilities of your wardrobe are truly left in your hands.

I strongly believe that your clothing can work for and serve your individual style needs and preferences.

The key is if your style is suffering because you think there is a sacrifice to be made and you don’t know where to start in building the wardrobe you love, then that’s where you start.

Functionality has not only guided my creative process but is definitely a mantra of mine and focus of my business Amshina. Amshina is about functionality in many ways – without sacrificing your sense of style and fashion.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what it means to have a functional wardrobe. Are you sacrificing your style, and if you feel like you are, in what ways?

Thanks again for stopping by. It’s always a pleasure to have you here.

Here’s to the new week and month ahead. Stay fashionable and come again for some more creative inspiration.



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