Throwback – Memory Lane!

Whatever happened to the first pattern I attempted and how it turned out? A few years back.. I just realized I never posted it…anywhere..I thought it came out beautiful despite the challenges.

About one year into sewing and not at all familiar with patterns as I learned how to start using measurements only this project came into being. You can imagine how nervous and excited I was to try this. It was a good challenge.

I called it the ” Green Box Cart” because it was a shift style.

I was determined to showcase that I can sew by wearing my own piece in public. I didn’t just picked a mellow event to wear it, I picked a big one.

Can you guess?

A wedding!!!!!!! You got it…Go big or go home right!

Here is the Pattern:


I used a Sateen cotton as fabric, my first time using it. Cutting out the pattern pieces were all dandy and good. But sewing the facing was horrific. I couldn’t get the shape right or I cut it too small. In essence, lets just say you didn’t want to see the inside of this dress initially. I tried my best to clean it up as the wedding was still the place I would wear it.

HPIM4507 copy
Project completed..hmmm not bad…Trying on for size

I rocked this dress. I accessorized with some heels, jewellery and a flower. It was a fun night. I even caught the bouquet!

DSC04818 copy
Carefully ironed with my flower set. All ready for my Friend’s wedding
DSC04880 copy
Yayyy, at the wedding
DSC04957 copy
Yep, I caught it… my dress was a hit I guess..:)
Cheers to the lovely couple, to a fabulous night and of course the icing on top my ” Green Box Cart Dress” πŸ™‚

Hope you all enjoyed Β my trip down memory lane. I sure did.. Thanks to my fellow blogger at IdaaidasewingΒ  who was so gracious enough to share her first piece and inspired me to dig deep to find this project. Β What’s your first pattern/project story? Do share?

The sewing journey continues… It can only get better right… ( Perhaps a few variations this summer of the box cart..hmmmm)

Just keep sewing, just keep sewing, what do we do we seeeeeeeeewwwwwwww….


6 thoughts on “Throwback – Memory Lane!

  1. It turned out quite well, you had a difficult fabric to work with and for a first project it turned out very well. I bet you felt very proud of yourself wearing it in the wedding, it looks great on you! I’m glad you wrote this post as I belive when we get more experienced and confident (hope that will come soon) of what we’re doing it is nice to be reminded of were we started.

  2. I remembered the project – that dress and I still talk about it..a job well done for the first Congratulations again.

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