It’s the final countdown….Preview!

So we are in the week of Christmas and I continue to be ambitious about my homemade presents and orders for scarves and other items from family and friends… Β it’s been a whirlwind.. sewing in the morning, sewing in the evening… wish I could sew at lunch too.. ( Just kidding), sewing at dinner time and on wards! Fun fun fun… and risks too. while I do have a few items I may not be able to finish by Wednesday, I have finished just about 95% of the projects. All orders have been filled.. Phew

Let the pictures speak for themselves on the pieces I have made and continue to work on before Wednesday!! πŸ™‚ That’s the goal.. All done hopefully by Tuesday night! Just wanted to let my followers know I am still sewing πŸ™‚

Cushion covers
Fun doggy Bath towel for toddler- Boy
Cape styled poncho with Hoodie…( Sleeveless) Made from Fleece
Male fleece and Plaid combo scarf
Peplum pencil skirt suit
Toddler Bath towel- Girl
Pile of infinity scarves!
Male scarves
Evening sleeveless Bodycon dress!

Hope your Christmas plans and sewing are coming along nicely.

What are you doing with the 48hrs we have before Christmas? Do tell….If I don’t return before Christmas do have a very very Merry Christmas. May the joy of the season be yours and your homes filled with love, joy and peace.

Just keep sewing……

God bless


6 thoughts on “It’s the final countdown….Preview!

  1. Happy Holidays Uta. May you have lots of happiness, good health to continue your sews in 2015 – I love your pieces. Cheers

  2. You put me to shame lol….That’s A Lot of sewing. I’m still working on your hat. Was hoping I would finish it in time for Renee to take back but didn’t happen. Will have to mail to you once I’m done

    1. hahaha…

      Ooh that’s fine my dear.. I can wait.. it is worth the wait.. And as you know the winter continues for another 3 months.. πŸ™‚ Hope you like yours when you get it.. Pics pics.. πŸ™‚

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