” On a simpler note Dress”

Taking a mini break between sewing scarfs and another piece for my winter wardrobe, this little number was made. This was really one of those ” three hole dresses”. A term I grew up hearing my mom use to define her simpler dresses. The dress you would put on quickly and be out the door. Where you feel cool, calm and confident. Yes, I can see that with this simple piece. Cool, Calm and confident woman. πŸ™‚

Background on this piece:

I have no idea what the fabric is. Β I am still getting there guys, don’t judge me. πŸ™‚ ( It sort of reminds me of those running shirt fabrics. Quick dryish with some stretch….lol ) I picked it up at the thrift store and wanted to test it out and of course as you guys know, models are so hard to find. hahah :). My model in set wanted a simple evening dress for an upcoming dinner and I figure this would be the fabric to try. That was all I had at the time too. Oopsie!

Sewing time: About 2.5hrs this included fitting as well as ironing. ( Things I see as key in garment construction) The Model tried it on at least three times. πŸ™‚

New for me: Cap circle sleeves. I think they came out great for starters. I will probably perfect this as time goes by. But definitely a first.

Lesson learned: I will probably try this again.I noted the fabric didn’t take too well to darts so I omitted those as well as a zipper as it is stretch and can be pulled over the head.

Let the pictures speak!

In the beginning… where the magic happens, on my floor πŸ™‚

I used an existing boat neck dress to copy the silouette for the dress pattern and applied the measurement for accuracy when fitting.





Fab, Fab, Fab…. She loved it.


I thought it came out well for a simple white dress. The accessories also gives it that added pop it needed to be elegant and not too much.




Overall I am really happy with the outcome for a quick simple dress. I guess as a sewer it’s always good to know those go to styles in cases where time is of the essence. I think I just found one of mine.Very quick and simple. A few of these in my closet can make dressing a little more versatile and interesting.

See you guys soon for my next posts.

Back to sewing scarfs!!!

Just keep sewing , just keep sewing.. what do I do I sew sew…. Β sewwwwwwwwwww..




4 thoughts on “” On a simpler note Dress”

  1. Hmmm! What can I say- this is fab tas tic – I just love the three holes all you do is accessorize and you good to go. Keep the seeeeeewwwwss

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