Fall/Winter Sewing Part 1-Unfamiliar blends

To start off the official fall pieces sewing, I am working on making a few more scarves. I know we have not started to pile on the layers just yet, but the weather has not exactly been cooperating with us, now has it? Nope

I decided that I would continue and make a few more scarves. I did get an order for 5 of the infinity scarves like the one made in my “Because it’s September post”, so I am gladly working on making those a reality, each will have varying textures. While they are easy, I do want to find some unique fabrics to give the scarf the statement they need.

This was definitely unfamiliar fabric. It’s only after I made the purchase that I was automatically thinking this may or may not work with my sewing machine. After all, I do not have a heavy duty machine. hahaha.( Mindless banter of a Novice Seamstress) lol

Nevertheless,I made it work. I tested a piece and it worked perfectly. So here’s to my happy sewing with another new fabric. It’s some sort of knit blend.Feels great on the skin.


I go three colours: A burnt orange, a light green and a sort of mustard/greenish yellow. ( I am not sure that colour description made sense) ..lol

A closer look: You will also notice my self-made tags for now.( That’s my middle name) **wink wink*



As always models are so hard to find.. Got my Cousin for the Green Scarf poses. ๐Ÿ™‚



When it really gets cold and you need to cover your head and all..brrrr ( not yet, soon enough)


The casual wear


I then made the mustard/greenish yellow..lol ( I just can’t get it right guys, you can see the colour…let me know what you think it is) ๐Ÿ™‚

Bolero styled.


Style 2



Brrr weather style..( You all know what I mean.. ) Let’s just say in January this style would be necessary..)



I Hope you all enjoyed this post. Look out for Episode two of Fall/Winter sewing.


Just keep sewing, just keep sewing, what do I do I sewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Bye for now


8 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Sewing Part 1-Unfamiliar blends

  1. Well I like the flavours. Hope to be a volunteer model on my next visit – hoi hoi. So in the days before all the high tech machine when there would be fabrics like those we used to put paper on the material – try a sample. Keep the seeeeewwwwwssss going

  2. I am volunteering too! Both of them street beautiful but I’m partial to the mustard..it’s just the right kind of pick me up colour for those dark damp depressing winter days

  3. All beautiful: the gorgeous yellow, the model bolero, all great! You know how to do it! Lovely! By the way, I am from Brasil and here, the colors are our special thing!

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